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Condo Insurance In Rhode Island

The average condo in Rhode Island is worth at least $320,000. Sadly, though, some homeowners fail to purchase an indemnity plan that fully covers their biggest investment. Regardless of whether you own your condo outright or are still making payments, you cannot afford to go without condo insurance. The agents at Lennon Insurance Agency LLC can help you find an indemnity plan that works best for your lifestyle preferences.

What does a condo insurance plan cover?

A standard condo insurance plan pays for damages to the structure of your unit. Some policies may also cover appliances such as stoves and washing machines damaged due to an unfortunate accident.

A standard condo insurance plan does not cover natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes that lead to flooding. Fires classified as natural disasters are also out of range of a traditional plan.

Does condo insurance pay for all lost possessions?

Your condo insurance plan may not pay for certain personal possessions. Some homeowners find that antique items, which have enormous value on the market, require additional coverage beyond a standard plan.

You may also need to consider additional coverage if you operate a business out of your unit. Condo insurance will not pay for damages related to your company. You are, in other words, responsible for out-of-pocket expenses related to damage or theft of the products you sell from your home.

How much condo insurance do you need?

It is best to speak with an agent at Lennon Insurance Agency LLC when determining how much insurance you need for your condo in Rhode Island. An expert can help you understand all tenets associated with coverage so you can craft the best plan.

Please do not wait until it is too late to insure your home. Call Lennon Insurance Agency today to get started with a quote for condo insurance.

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