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Long Term Care Insurance In Rhode Island

Life can be the epitome of beauty until the unexpected takes place. Your ideal balance can be turned upside down in an instant, which is why you should consider protecting yourself with long term care insurance. The agents at Lennon Insurance Agency LLC can help you better understand the essentials of a long term care indemnity plan. Read on to learn the basics of protection in Rhode Island.

What is long term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance is an indemnity plan that covers expenses related to daily interactions that you can no longer carry out without a professional's assistance. The most common uses for such an insurance policy include:

  • Paying a caregiver hourly wage or a salary to help with grooming and other essential activities;
  • Paying a nurse to provide care on an in-home basis;
  • Paying a company to send a licensed or certified professional to your home for daily care.

Long term care insurance is sometimes characterized as an indemnity plan solely for the elderly. Anyone, however, can make use of such a plan.

Injuries do not have an age limit.

Even the most athletic person is susceptible to significant physical injury that could leave him or her immobile for a time. Long term care insurance works to ensure you get the care you need without having to worry about the added expenses that come with hiring an outsider to take care of daily tasks.

Some younger and middle-aged individuals choose to forgo long-term care insurance hoping that they do not experience a significant injury that leads to a major setback. You, however, should not gamble with the odds. Purchasing long-term care insurance offers a sense of peace today and financial stability in the instance that the unthinkable happens.

How much long term care insurance do you need?

The amount of long term care insurance you need in Rhode Island heavily depends on your lifestyle. Those who are older may consider buying more coverage because they require more daily care. Meanwhile, those who are younger and fairly healthy may find they only need minimal coverage.

It would help if you did not ignore the possibility of requiring in-home care. Talk to the agents at Lennon Insurance Agency LLC today about long term care insurance.

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